Menopause and Body Identical HRT

  • The benefits of HRT outweigh the risks for most women who start HRT aged < 60 years
  • HRT is much safer than many people realise. NICE Guidance (2015) provides evidence and reassurance
  • HRT should be recommended routinely to women who are menopausal aged < 45 years, even if they have no symptoms.
  • Young women often need higher doses of oestrogen to improve symptoms
  • There is no limit to length of time taking HRT
  • Body identical HRT (same molecular structure as a woman’s hormones) is the safest way of a woman having HRT
  • Oestrogen through the skin as a patch or gel is the safest way of having oestrogen and is body identical
  • Micronised progesterone is body identical progesterone which is given as an oral capsule and is safer than older types of progestogens
  • Testosterone is a female hormone that can improve libido, mood, energy and concentration
  • Testosterone can be especially beneficial in young women and those women who have had a surgical menopause

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