031 Pelvic Floor Health - Jane Simpson & Dr Louise Newson

This week, Dr Newson is joined by Jane Simpson, a continence nurse specialist who works from The London Clinic in Harley Street. 

In this episode, Jane and Dr Newson discuss all aspects of pelvic floor health relating to the menopause, including stress incontinence, an overactive bladder (key in the door syndrome!), vaginal dryness/atrophy, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation and the bowels and last but not least the pelvic floor and how menopause can affect our sex lives. 

You can find Jane at www.thepelvicfloorbible.com and on Instagram @jane_thepelvicfloorbible.

For more information see our video - Looking After Your Pelvic Floor


Published: 21st January 2020