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Dr Newson Launches Series of Punjabi Translated Menopause Videos

Dr Louise Newson has been working closely with Dr Radhika Vohra, a GP with special interest in women's health and menopause, to release a series of menopause information videos that have been translated into Punjabi.

Published: 21st July 2020

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Dr Newson Launches Videos with Punjabi Translation | Newson Health

It's here! - balance - the new menopause app that's designed to empower

Today sees the launch of balance, a new menopause app from well-known GP and menopause specialist, Dr Louise Newson. balance provides free evidence-based and unbiased information, a health journal and community features, allowing people to take control of their wellbeing.

Published: 9th July 2020

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balance - the new menopause app designed to empower | Dr Louise Newson

Dr Newson Talks Menopause at Davina Mccall's #OYGWeekender

Dr Louise Newson recently held a Q&A session entitled 'All Things Menopause' with Davina Mccall as part of her Own Your Goals Weekender.

Published: 8th July 2020

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Dr Newson Talks Menopause with Davina Mccall | Newson Health

Estrogen & COVID-19: The first study results are in!

The first results of Professor Tim Spector's study into COVID-19 have been published.

Published: 3rd July 2020

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Estrogen & COVID-19: The first study results are in!

How the US Government and The Media Conspired to Convince Women That Menopausal Hormone Therapy Was Dangerous

Professor James Simon, who works as a Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Reproductive Endocrinology at George Washington University, recently gave a lecture explaining how medical journalism and the media have been misrepresenting HRT as dangerous, particularly since the WHI study was first publicised in 2002.

Published: 2nd July 2020

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Misrepresentation of HRT - Prof James Simon Lecture | Newson Health

Dr Sarah Ball talks HRT and Breast Cancer with Harley Street Emporium

Dr Sarah Ball, a GP with special interest in the menopause here at Newson Health, recently spoke to Harley Street Emporium to answer important questions about the menopause, HRT and breast cancer.

Published: 29th June 2020

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Dr Sarah Ball Talks HRT and Breast Cancer | Newson Health

Brain Health and Dementia - IG Live with Dr Lisa Mosconi

Dr Louise Newson is joined by Dr Lisa Mosconi, Neuroscientist and author of the bestselling book 'The XX Brain', in this Instagram Live session all about brain health and how women's brains age differently to men's, mainly due to a decline in oestrogen that happens during the menopause. Watch the full video here.

Published: 23rd June 2020

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Brain Health & Dementia - IG Live with Dr Lisa Mosconi | Newson Health

Rebranding HRT - Interview with Dr Sarah Ball

Dr Sarah Ball, a GP with special interest in the menopause here at Newson Health, recently joined the Harley Street Emporium for an informative Instagram Live all about the menopause and why it's so important that we change the way we think about HRT. 

Published: 19th June 2020

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Rebranding HRT - Dr Sarah Ball Interview | Newson Health

New Findings Recommend Oestrogen Therapy After Surgical Menopause

New findings, published by Yale University Professor Philip Sarrel, recommend oestrogen therapy after surgical menopause as a way to effectively control symptoms, as well as reducing the risk of future disease. In this article, Prof Sarrel also explores how HRT can reduce medical expenditure for women following a hysterectomy.

Published: 16th June 2020

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New Findings Recommend HRT After Surgical Menopause | Newson Health

Managing the Menopause After Ovarian Cancer

Dr Newson recently teamed up with Ovacome, the Ovarian Cancer Support Charity, to deliver a presentation on managing menopausal symptoms - especially for those who have had treatment for ovarian cancer.


Published: 11th June 2020

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Managing the Menopause After Ovarian Cancer | Newson Health