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Long Covid & Hormones in Women: Questionnaire

The group of people that most commonly experience Long Covid is women in their 50s. Dr Louise Newson has created this questionnaire for women who have been diagnosed with Long Covid to help with future research into this important area. 

Published: 18th November 2020

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Long Covid & Hormones Questionnaire | Newson Health

Exclusive Menopause Study Launched by Newson Health Research & Education and GlycanAge

Research has shown that a woman's biological age can increase by up to 30% during the perimenopausal period, with the potential for her body to age significantly during this time of life.

Published: 12th November 2020

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Exclusive Menopause Study launched by GlycanAge & Newson Health

Menopause Charity Ambassador, Liz Earle, Hits Back at Misleading HRT & Breast Cancer Headlines

Midlife wellness warrior, Liz Earle MBE, recently recorded a special episode of the Liz Earle Wellbeing Show with lead researcher, Dr Yana Vinogradova, with the aim of tackling recent inaccuracies in the press regarding HRT and breast cancer.

Published: 4th November 2020

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Menopause Charity Ambassador, Liz Earle Busts HRT Breast Cancer Myths

Leading Menopause Specialist Produces Exclusive Videos to Raise Money for The Menopause Charity

Menopause Specialist and GP, Dr Louise Newson, has created two brand-new, exclusive pay-to-view videos containing evidence-based information and advice regarding the perimenopause and menopause to help kick-start The Menopause Charity.

Published: 3rd November 2020

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Exclusive Videos from The Menopause Charity | Newson Health

Dr Louise Newson's Journey Into the World of Menopause Health

Dr Louise Newson has launched an explanatory video describing her journey into, and passion for improving the world of menopause health.

Published: 30th October 2020

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Dr Louise Newson's journey into menopause health

Stop the Scaremongering! Very Low Breast Cancer Risks for Women Taking HRT

An observational study has shown that the risk of breast cancer with some types of HRT is actually lower than the previous study reported in the Lancet just over one year ago. 

Published: 29th October 2020

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Very Low Breast Cancer Risks for Women Taking HRT | Dr Louise Newson

How the Menopause Can Impact Women with Perineal Tears

Dr Louise Newson recently hosted an informative discussion on birth injury, subsequent incontinence, and how these issues can worsen during the perimenopause and menopause, as part of the Women's Rights in Healthcare webinar series.

Published: 26th October 2020

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Menopause & Perineal Tears | Newson Health

Hayley's Story: Early Menopause and Adoption

Hayley was 14 years old when she was told she had gone through the menopause. Now, at 39, having had no help for years, she is opening up about her story in the hope that it will help other women who may be suffering in silence.

Published: 23rd October 2020

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Hayley's Story - Early Menopause & Adoption | Newson Health

Celebrity Ambassadors Support The Menopause Charity's Crowdfunding Campaign

The new Menopause Charity’s crowdfunding campaign will get a celebrity-charged boost on World Menopause Day, Sunday October 18th, as Davina McCall, Lorraine Kelly and Liz Earle join the charity’s founder, nationally renowned menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson for an online wellness festival open to all on Facebook.

Published: 15th October 2020

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Celebrity Ambassadors Support The Menopause Charity's Fundraising

Taking the Taboo Out of Menopause - Dr Newson Joins Webinar for Bupa Staff

Dr Louise Newson recently took part in a health information webinar for Bupa staff to discuss the symptoms and treatment of the menopause.

Published: 13th October 2020

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Dr Newson Joins Webinar for Bupa Staff | Newson Health