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How to Manage Genitourinary Syndrome of the Menopause (GSM)

This new document has been written for the British Society for Sexual Medicine with help from Newson Health doctors Louise Newson, Rebecca Lewis and Sarah Ball. It is an exciting collaboration that outlines a much needed set of guidelines for any healthcare professional seeing women with Genitourinary Syndrome of the Menopause.

Published: 3rd March 2021

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How To Manage GSM | Newson Health

Sudden Menopause and Long Covid Linked by Thousands of Women

With quotes and research from Dr Louise Newson, this article from the Daily Mail shares the stories of several women who had been diagnosed with long covid only to then notice a change in their periods and an onset of menopausal symptoms. 

Published: 22nd December 2020

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Sudden Menopause and Covid linked by hundreds of women | Newson Health

Female Hormones and COVID-19

Dr Louise Newson was recently asked to write an article to discuss the subject of female hormones and COVID-19 in more detail and to explore how low hormone levels can be associated with long Covid. 

Published: 14th December 2020

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Female Hormones and COVID-19 | Dr Louise Newson

Dr Newson Joins Health Management for Powerful Podcast About Menopause in the Workplace

Dr Louise Newson recently joined Liam Sloan and Dr Mark Simpson from Health Management for a powerful podcast exploring what HR needs to know about the menopause and how employers can help support women in the workplace.

Published: 10th December 2020

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Dr Newson Joins Health Management for Powerful Podcast | Newson Health

Calls to Investigate Menopause and Covid Risk

As some evidence suggests that falling oestrogen levels could leave older women more at risk from Covid-19, Dr Louise Newson talks to The Guardian in this article exploring why the link between the menopause and Covid needs to be investigated. 

Published: 7th December 2020

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Calls to Investigate Menopause & Covid Risk | Newson Health

Testosterone Now Licensed for Women in Australia

Australian postmenopausal women will now have access to a medically prescribed, clinically effective testosterone formulation which meets the requisite quality and safety standards for registration for the management of hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction (HSDD).

Published: 24th November 2020

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Testosterone Now Licensed for Women in Australia | Newson Health

West Mercia Police Hold Menopause Webinar with Dr Verity Biggs

Dr Verity Biggs, GP with special interest in menopause here at Newson Health, recently joined West Mercia Police for a 'Let's Talk Menopause' webinar that was attended by 260 police colleagues from all over the UK.

Published: 20th November 2020

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West Mercia Police Hold Menopause Webinar | Newson Health

Free Menopause Webinar for Healthcare Professionals

Dr Louise Newson and Dr Mark Coombe of FourteenFish recently recorded this webinar, aimed at giving healthcare professionals the confidence and knowledge to assess and prescribe HRT to perimenopausal and menopausal women.

Published: 20th November 2020

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Menopause Webinar for Healthcare Professionals | Newson Health

Long Covid & Hormones in Women: Questionnaire

The group of people that most commonly experience Long Covid is women in their 50s. Dr Louise Newson has created this questionnaire for women who have been diagnosed with Long Covid to help with future research into this important area. 

Published: 18th November 2020

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Long Covid & Hormones Questionnaire | Newson Health

Exclusive Menopause Study Launched by Newson Health Research & Education and GlycanAge

Research has shown that a woman's biological age can increase by up to 30% during the perimenopausal period, with the potential for her body to age significantly during this time of life.

Published: 12th November 2020

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Exclusive Menopause Study launched by GlycanAge & Newson Health