Urinary Tract Infections and Sepsis: Questionnaire

Published: 3rd September 2020

Dr Louise Newson and her organisation, Newson Health Research and Education, have teamed up with The UK Sepsis Trust to create this important survey regarding Urinary Tract Infections and sepsis.

Urinary Tract Infections are one of the most common infections in women, who are eight times more likely to develop a UTI than men. If left untreated or inappropriately managed, a UTI can lead to severe complications such as sepsis.

One of the causes of higher rates of UTIs amongst postmenopausal women is lowered estrogen levels - however, studies have shown a reduction in recurring infections in women who use a vaginal oestrogen. The purpose of this survey is to help us better understand the impact that different types of oestrogen have in preventing recurring UTIs. Dr Newson and The UK Sepsis Trust hope that these results will help influence change and encourage the use of vaginal estrogen for all menopausal women to help those suffering from recurring UTIs.

You can complete the survey by clicking the link below. The survey is anonymous and does not collect any identifiable data or IP addresses.


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