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Published: 16th July 2019

Out in September, Dr Newson's exciting first book, a Haynes Manual on Menopause, takes a straightforward look at menopause and is written for women, their partners and their families. 

What is menopause? When does it occur? What can be expected? How can it be managed? Menopause is a natural condition that affects all women at some stage of their life. At least one in four women have severe symptoms, which detrimentally affect their family, home and work life. 
Dr Newson, who has dedicated her life to ensuring women all over the world get the best possible menopause treatment, has written this book to explain and clarify the stages and symptoms, as well as detailing which treatments are safe and effective for particular needs. Migraines, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, low libido, relationships, diet and HRT are just some of the areas covered in this new concise manual.

Speaking about the release of her new book, Dr Newson said "It has been a huge amount of work but I hope it will help so many women!"



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