Once and for all: Hormone replacement is good for women

Published: 13th February 2019

In this powerful and informative article recently published in the Los Angeles Times, Dr Avrum Bluming and social psychologist, Carol Travris, lay down the facts about hormone replacement therapy.

 The authors state:

"We don’t suggest that all women should take hormones, or will benefit if they do. We are well aware that every medication carries risks. Neither of us has financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. We simply are persuaded that the minor risks of HRT for some women are far outweighed by the major benefits for most women.

Each woman’s decision and each physician’s counsel should be made with the best scientific evidence in hand, and the way the results of the Women’s Health Initiative were misread and miscommunicated did not provide it. On the contrary, its investigators primarily generated fears where they were not warranted — indeed, where they were flat wrong. Unfortunately, their misbegotten 17-year-old claims continue to reverberate. Our own conclusion is not that hormones will make women “feminine forever” — just healthier longer.

Read the full fascinating article here