Newson Health installs state of the art equipment to help women assess bone health

Published: 3rd December 2019

The team at Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre are very excited about their new arrival - a state of the art DEXA scanning machine!

The DEXA (short for Duel Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scanner offers a safe, accurate, painless and non-invasive way of measuring bone density, giving a good indication as to whether a person is at risk of, or has already developed, osteoporosis. The person being scanned can be fully clothed (although zips, buttons and metal clasps need to be avoided).

Hormonal changes during the menopause results in less estrogen in the body (the hormone that helps protect bone cells) meaning bone breakdown occurs at a faster rate than bone can repair itself. On average, women in their 40's have lower bone density than men and continue to lose it at a faster rate. The fact that women tend to live longer than men means that osteoporosis is a disease that affects women more often.

"Any woman who is perimenopausal or menopausal would benefit from a DEXA scan" says Practice Manager, Sarah Baker. "We have two types of scan, depending on a woman's age and family history, and the whole process, from arriving at the clinic to leaving, takes less than an hour."

Read the booklet on Bone health and DEXA scanning here.

Read about professor David Reid, our DEXA scan expert here.

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