Menopause myths exploded at Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival

Published: 16th September 2019

A lovely day was enjoyed by all on Saturday 14th September when the Newson Health team and fellow menopause experts and campaigners attended the Queen's Hotel for the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival.

Menopause specialists Dr Louise Newson and Dr Rebecca Lewis, joined Nutritionist and Chef, Emma Ellice Flint, Diane Danzebrink, founder of #MakeMenopauseMatter and Jane Lewis, author of My Menopausal Vagina, to host a 'lunch and learn' event to help women cut through the confusion and discuss symptoms, treatments and the impact that going through the menopause has on a woman's body.

The expert panellists were able to dispel some common myths about HRT and educate their wholly female audience about the menopause and treatment choices. Diane Danzebrink spoke about the urgent need for education about the menopause for healthcare professionals, about her #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign and how her work will really make a positive difference for now and for future generations. Dr Lewis spoke at length about the perimenopause and explained why antidepressants should not be given as first line treatment for low mood associated with the menopause.

Jane Lewis also gave a very emotional talk on the day about her previous symptoms and spoke about ways of improving awareness of vaginal atrophy and urinary tract infections, and Emma Ellice-Flint of Emma's Nutrition, created a delicious, and super-healthy, three course lunch, packed full of vegetables, and spoke about the need for good gut health and how women can improve their diets in very easy ways.

Dr Newson said "We were absolutely delighted with how the day went. The feedback from women was extremely positive and one lady told us that the day had been "transformative", as she had learnt so much more than she had expected!"