Menopause and Black Women in the UK - Survey

Published: 21st July 2020

Karen Arthur is a UK based fashion designer, stylist and founder of REDDSKIN and Wear Your Happy. She has developed a survey for black women in the UK who are going through the menopause in a bid to raise the visibility of black menopausal women in the media, as well as to help target research specific to UK black women and gain resources to help these women better navigate this transition.

Speaking of the survey and the responses she has received, Karen said:

Although there are some positive and encouraging answers, there are many more in despair at symptoms and treatment by doctors, family and/or at work. I know that this goes across the board; however, the difference is that the women I’m talking to have never been asked their views as UK black women before and I believe that this is super important.

If you are a UK based black woman currently experiencing the perimenopause or menopause, then Karen would love to hear from you.

Take part in the survey here