HRT availability - brands, ingredients, stock levels & alternatives

Published: 6th September 2019

Dr Louise Newson has devised a document to help women learn about the different HRT ingredients, brands and doses, and help them better understand the options if their own particular brand or type of HRT is unavailable.

See the document here 

The following up to date information regarding availability has been obtained from manufacturers. The information is correct at the time of publication but obviously subject to change.

Dr Newson states that women taking estrogen by way of a tablet, including those taking combination tablets, should consider changing to either an estrogen only patch or estrogen gel, combined with either Utrogestan or the Mirena coil, (although it is noted that this can be difficult for women in Scotland who are sometimes unable to obtain Utrogestan).

As combination patches are currently not available in many places, women using these would also be advised to consider changing to an estrogen only patch or estrogen gel combined with either Utrogestan or the Mirena coil.

Good stock levels Oestrogel
  Mirena coil
Currently in stock Femoston
  FemSeven Mono
  Elleste Solo MX
Low/variable stock Estraderm
Out of stock Elleste Duet Conti
  Evorel Conti
  FemSeven Conti
  Evorel Sequi
  FemSeven Sequi


Smaller pharmacies may struggle to dispense some HRT more than those in larger conurbations who are regularly ordering in larger numbers of stock, and women are advised to ring around different pharmacies or try the online pharmacies to obtain their medication.