GPs are the gatekeepers and foundation of the NHS says Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard

Published: 26th October 2019

Dr Louise Newson recently presented at the Royal College of GPs Annual Conference in Liverpool, with over 1400 delegates attending, many of whom were GPs committed to improving their education to help improve patient care. 

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard received a well-deserved standing ovation after her opening speech and described how so many GPs give “energy, passion and dedication to patient care.” This passion needs to be underpinned by science and Prof Stokes-Lampard described how GPs need to be strong in the face of criticism and must cut through the “fake news”.

These words seem particularly poignant when considering that sadly many GPs still do not receive any menopause education as part of their training.

Dr Newson was honoured and delighted to give the first clinical lecture of the conference, entitled “Safe and Effective HRT Prescribing” to a very large audience of around 700 GPs.

She said "There was a real thirst and enthusiasm for knowledge from these GPs and this was a fantastic opportunity to dispel many HRT myths."

Many GPs have shown that they are really keen to know more about the menopause education programme being developed here at Newson Health, with further announcements coming soon about the dedicated menopause 'Balance' app.

For details about the Balance app please visit