'Fermented Foods Masterclass' - a huge success!

Published: 6th November 2019

At the recent Fermented Foods Masterclass held by Newson Health’s Nutritionist, Emma Ellice-Flint, those that attended had so much fun.

They were introduced to the concept of fermented foods, prebiotics, probiotics and why they were so beneficial not just to the gut but to the overall health of the body and mind.

Everyone tasted many different fermented foods, plenty of weird and wonderful ones from around the world; some that tasted mild and faintly fizzy, while others that were strong and pungent!

Kefirs, Kombuchas, Natto, Tempeh, Labne, Kimchi and Sauerkraut were just some of those tasted.

Then everyone joined in making their own sauerkraut to take home, flavouring them with their unique combinations of vegetables and spices.

Emma Ellice-Flint, a qualified nutritionist and chef, recently living and working in Sydney, is now in the UK and works closely with us here at Newson Health. Emma works with women who are dealing with gut and hormonal issues. She has written many nutritious recipes in response to their needs, conditions and requests, including a cookbook dedicated to eating for female hormone balance, called The Happy Hormone Cookbook.

She has found that simple changes to what you eat can have big effects.

Join Emma for her second Fermented Foods Masterclass at Newson Health on Tuesday 3rd December from 10am - 12.30pm. We hope to see you there! Click here to book your place.