Rachel Maclean MP discusses the Menopause Taboo in Parliament

Published: 20th May 2019

Earlier this week, Rachel Maclean - MP for Redditch County, took to the House of Commons to discuss menopause awareness and her goal to break the taboo still surrounding the subject. 

During her time as a Member of Parliament, Rachel has worked closely with our own Dr Louise Newson to raise awareness and help more women than ever access the treatment they need at the right time. After congratulating BBC Breakfast on their successful week-long campaign, Wake up to the Menopause, Rachel then goes on to stress the importance of GPs prescribing the right treatment for menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms. 

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Rachel also stresses the need for better menopause awareness in the workplace, stating "Every man works with a woman or is related to a woman and the symptoms are often hidden. We need to break that stigma even more."


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