Dr Sarah Ball talks HRT and Vaginal Dryness at the British Society of Sexual Medicine Conference

Published: 26th November 2019

Dr Sarah Ball, one of our specialist doctors here at Newson Health, recently presented two lectures at the annual British Society of Sexual Medicine Conference at the Heart of England Conference Centre near Coventry.

Dr Ball's first lecture was entitled Breast Cancer and HRT: What to tell women in 2019, which included dispelling a lot of the fear misplaced in this area by the media over the past 17 years as well as highlighting that lifestyle factors account for far more risk of breast cancer than HRT does and should be addressed as part of menopause consultations.

She also spoke about body-identical HRT - the safest type of HRT - and in addition highlighted the importance of giving breast cancer survivors evidence-based consultations regarding their options for menopause symptoms.

Dr Ball's second lecture was about vaginal dryness and the range of products available when treating women with this problem. Half of all women will have symptoms related to their vagina/vulval area/urinary system during or after the menopause and it is so important to ask women about any issues they are having.

When a fellow GP lectured about the importance of replacing testosterone in men if they have a deficiency., r Ball was able to remind the audience that testosterone replacement can also be very useful for women, especially those with an early menopause or who have had their ovaries removed.

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