Dr Rebecca Lewis talks Menopause at Metro Bank Headquarters

Published: 28th November 2019

Dr Rebecca Lewis, one of the specialist menopause GPs here at Newson Health, recently visited the Metro bank headquarters to talk to staff about the effects of menopause in the workplace. 

The event was well attended by staff as well as five board members, who spoke frankly about their own menopause experience and how it had affected them and their partners. Hearing individuals' personal stories was so beneficial to the staff members and will do wonders when it comes to breaking the taboo of discussing menopause at work.

Many who attended were not aware how severe some women's symptoms can be - symptoms including low mood, increased anxiety, poor concentration, memory loss and lack of sleep. Trying to work with these symptoms can be impossible for some women and this was reflected in our recent survey which showed 51% of respondents taking time off work (19% for more than 8 weeks) and 51% reducing their hours. These statistics show there is a huge economic loss to not only the individual but to the employer.

Dr Lewis and the staff also talked about successful solutions for symptomatic women by discussing HRT, changes in the workplace environment, increased awareness for staff and managers and greater flexibility in working hours.

If you'd like more advice on how to handle menopause in the workplace, click here to read this helpful booklet written by Dr Louise Newson and the team at Newson Health.