Dr Newson advises on expert panel hosted by MPowered Women

Published: 25th October 2019

On 17th October Dr Newson attended 'World Menopause Day: Menopause & the Workplace, an event hosted by Saska Graville, co-founder of MPowered Women, a community of doctors, wellbeing experts and brilliant women with an aim of powering women through menopause.

The event consisted of an expert panel discussion facilitated by Saska, who gave the following account.

"Dr Louise Newson was part of a panel event organised by MPowered Women (mpoweredwomen.net) on the eve of World Menopause Day, for global business consultancy Accenture.

The theme of the evening was taking the taboo out of menopause, and addressing the challenges it brings for women in the workplace. Alongside nutritionist Emma Bardwell, Dr Newson discussed the many symptoms that can affect women at work, as well as the issue of why so many women enter their perimenopause years without knowing the health challenges that might be coming their way.

In an emotional moment, one Accenture employee broke down as she realised for the first time, that her feelings of imposter syndrome and lack of confidence at work, were down to her hormones, and not any failings on her part. She was overcome at the realisation, describing the evening as "fantastic" and thanking the panel for the knowledge she had gained.

It was also good to see a few men in the room, acknowledging the fact that we will never overcome the taboos around menopause unless women and men are in on the conversation."