Dr Louise Newson speaks at Meg Matthews' Menopause Conference 2019

Published: 24th May 2019

Recently, Dr Louise Newson was delighted to attend and speak at Meg's Menopause Conference 2019. 

Meg Matthews, an icon of the 90's Brit pop scene, set up MegsMenopause.com in 2018 as a source of information and advice dedicated to "empowering women through an honest and frank discussion of all things menopause".

Dr Newson was the first to speak on the day and said "I spoke about my perimenopausal symptoms which included night sweats, fatigue, memory problems, low mood, muscle aches, reduced stamina, worsening migraines and low libido. All these symptoms occurred when I was writing content for my website and setting up my menopause clinic so I presumed I was feeling like this as I was working so hard. I didn’t even consider they were due to my perimenopause!"

Going on to praise Meg for her work, Dr Newson then stated "Meg Matthews is working tirelessly to educate women about the menopause and is doing the most amazing job. We are both so frustrated how too many women are needlessly suffering with being given wrong advice from healthcare professionals. There are excellent menopause guidelines which doctors and nurses should read and work from".

With over 12 different speakers from all over the field of female health and wellbeing, Dr Newson was in excellent company and said "My goal of improving menopause care and education in the UK (and beyond) can only come true by working with other other determined women."