Dr Louise Newson & Ovarian Cancer Action UK Launch Helpful New Booklet

Published: 21st September 2020

Dr Louise Newson has teamed up with UK charity, Ovarian Cancer Action, to create an informative new booklet all about HRT for those with high inherited risk of cancer.  Ovarian Cancer Action is a UK based charity that campaigns to increase awareness and improve understanding of ovarian cancer symptoms among the public as well as GPs and health professionals. 

This new booklet has been specifically produced for women who have a higher risk of gynaecological cancer compared to the general population. This is usually due to a significant family history of gynaecological cancer and/or a genetic test result showing they carry a fault in a gene that is known to increase their lifetime risk of certain cancers, such as BRCA1, BRCA2 or Lynch syndrome. Women in this situation are commonly advised to undergo risk-reducing surgery in order to minimise their chances of developing gynaecological cancer. This involves having their ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, and women with Lynch syndrome also usually have their womb removed.

When you have surgery to remove your ovaries, you immediately go into a surgical menopause because your body no longer produces estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This booklet offers helpful advice regarding HRT for women with BRCA1/2 or Lynch syndrome as well as HRT for women with a history of cancer. Dr Newson and the team at Ovarian Cancer Action have also covered important topics such as HRT dosage, when to start and stop taking HRT and the long-term health risks that can occur during the menopause.

Click here to read the booklet