A New Year – Time for a “New You”?

Published: 1st January 2017

Every week, I hear stories from women talking about their menopause (and perimenopause) that sadden and sometimes frustrate me.  The more I talk to women about their menopause experiences, the more I realise how many women are suffering alone and not talking about their symptoms. Although not all women experience symptoms with changing hormone levels, many have symptoms that adversely affect their home and work lives.

Some women do even not realise that some of the symptoms they are experiencing are related to their hormones; the symptoms most commonly misdiagnosed and attributed to other conditions are the psychological symptoms of the menopause such as low self-esteem, tiredness, poor concentration, reduced confidence, anxiety, panic attacks and symptoms of depression.

I thought I would share a few quotes from my patients so if any of you are suffering, you know you are not alone:

“I mean who would believe me I looked ‘normal’ on the outside, I didn’t look broken? But that’s how I felt, I felt scared, broken and alone.”

“I am not the same person.  My confidence has gone, I am forgetting everything and I feel dizzy and light headed.”

“I am not the same women I was when I married my husband.  I keep telling him that I would not be surprised if he had an affair.”

“Where have I gone?  I feel diminished as a person.”

“My zest for life has gone.  I have tried to just ‘manage and crack on’ for the past six years but I am completely worn out.”

“I do not like what the menopause has made me.”

“I feel black most of the time.  My children and husband are really affected.”

I feel sad when I listen to women’s stories as too many women are suffering on their own with symptoms that could easily be managed with the correct treatment and help. I am very privileged to have a job where I can help people and the vast majority of women in my clinic return thanking me for giving them their lives back.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to your menopause or perimenopause it is really important not to just suffer in silence.  Be kind to yourself and seek professional advice – you will not regret it!