News – 2020

The Truth about the Link Between Alzheimer's and the Menopause

In this educative article for The Telegraph, Dr Newson discusses the investigation into possible links between Alzheimer’s and the menopause, as well as why it’s crucial that menopausal symptoms are recognised as such.

Published: 30th January 2020

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Alzheimer's & Menopause - Dr Louise Newson

The truth about sex and the menopause, by a menopause doctor

Dr Newson has written this informative article for The Telegraph, addressing some misconceptions surrounding sex and the menopause and why it is so important that women have access to the correct information.

Published: 17th January 2020

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Truth about sex & menopause by Dr Louise Newson

Survive and thrive through menopause: A two day retreat

Dr Rebecca Lewis, GP with special interest in menopause here at Newson Health and Lucy Holtom, our resident yoga instructor will both be providing their services at the Secret Warriors two day retreat - 'Survive and Thrive through Menopause' - on 17th and 18th March 2020.

Published: 17th January 2020

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Survive and Thrive through Menopause | Newson Health

Newson Health release video series to help women learn more about, and better manage, the menopause

Leading menopause expert and GP, Dr Louise Newson, has launched a highly informative series of video discussions and demonstrations to help women (and men) learn more about, and better manage, the menopause and perimenopause.

Published: 14th January 2020

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Newson Health releases videos to help educate women about menopause

"My menopause almost cost me my marriage"

In this honest article written for The Telegraph, Felicity Everett talks openly about her menopause experience and how her symptoms affected her marriage with husband Mark. Read on for the full story...

Published: 10th January 2020

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"Menopause almost cost me my marriage" | Newson Health