News – August 2019

"I'm 35, menopausal and terrified of my meds being taken away"

In this article from Grazia Daily, Helen Wilson-Beevers talks of her hysterectomy at age 31 and how she has been taking HRT ever since. She tells us why running out of the medication is her worst nightmare. Click here to read the full article...

Published: 14th August 2019

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"I'm 31, menopausal and terrified of a HRT shortage" | Newson Health

HRT - Why is there a shortage and which medications are affected?

With so much in the media about the current HRT shortage, Dr Louise Newson, in her recent article for, hopes to reassure women and explain that the dilemma presents a great opportunity for women to optimise their HRT regime.

Published: 12th August 2019

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Why is there an HRT shortage - Dr Louise Newson | Newson Health

GPs may need to switch patients' HRT as shortages set to increase

GPs may need to switch women onto different HRT treatments after manufacturers confirmed that several widely-prescribed therapies will be unavailable for the next few months, as reported in today.

Published: 9th August 2019

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GPs need to switch patients' HRT due to shortages | Newson Health