The Truth About the Menopause

Dr Louise Newson dispels the myths and tells the truth about the menopause in this televised interview by the ITV Tonight programme.

Hip fractures Symptoms Work Concentration Energy Confidence Menopause GP Anxiety Depression Taboo Doctor Perimenopause NICE Guidelines HRT Benefits Risks Myths Patients Advice Evidence Information Treatment Hormones Estrogen Oestrogen Tablet Patch Gel Clots Migraine Obese Obesity Oral Alternative Placebo Herbal Liver  Failure Interaction Medications Toxic plants Bones Heart  Protection Lifestyle Diet Exercise Alcohol Smoking Illness Hot flushes Night sweats Vasomotor Tiredness Fatigue Concentration Memory Loss Dementia Hot Sweaty Confidence Self Esteem Identity Low Nail  Hair Skin Dry Itchy PMS Periods Frequency Heavy Urinary frequency Urinary tract infections UTI Bladder Urethra Libido Testosterone Sex Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Trans-Dermal  Dry Vagina Irritation Itching Regulated Research Breast  Cancer Womb Hysterectomy Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Premature Ovaries Surgical Mood Crying Bowel Overweight Body Identical Bio Identical Progesterone Yam Body Side effects Cream Lining Blood tests Review Etiology Training British Menopause Society Oncologist Expert High Blood pressure Diabetes Gallbladder Contraindications

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