HRT - The different ingredients, brands and strengths available

The following table is designed to help explain the different types of HRT available, including ingredients, brands and dosage, so that you can better understand the options available to you if your own particular brand or type of HRT is unavailable.

Women taking estrogen by way of a tablet, including combination tablets, should consider changing to either an estrogen only patch or estrogen gel, combined with either Utrogestan or the Mirena coil, (although it is noted that this can be difficult for women in Scotland who are sometimes unable to obtain Utrogestan), as these tablets pose a small risk of clot.

Ingredient (s)

Brand Strength


Estradiol Elleste Solo 1mg / 2mg
  Zumenon 1mg / 2mg
Conjugated estrogen (from pregnant mares' urine) Premarin 300mcg / 625mcg / 1.25 mg
Tablets are not usually the preferred first line solution due to a small risk of clot    


Estradiol Evorel 25mcg / 50mcg / 75mcg / 100mcg


Estradot 25mcg / 37.5mcg / 50mcg / 75mcg / 100mcg
1. Estrogen patches or gel are usually preferred over tablets as tablets have a small risk of clot Estraderm 25mcg / 50mcg / 75mcg / 100mcg
2. Estrogen only patches can be used with either Utrogestan progesterone tablets FemSeven Mono 50mcg / 75mcg / 100mcg
or Mirena IUS, (see below)for women who still have a womb Elleste Solo MX 40mcg / 80mcg


Estradiol Estrogel 0.75mcg
Notes: Sandrena 0.5mg / 1mg
1. One pump of gel is roughly equal to 25 mcg patch    
2. Estrogen patches or gel are usually preferred over tablets as tablets have a small risk of clot    


Progesterone Utrogestan 100mg
1. Utrogestan is the only body identical progesterone and can be used with estrogen only patches or gel, by women who still have a womb    


Levonorgestrel Mirena 20mcg/24hrs
1. Mirena is a low dose, synthetic alternative to progesterone and can be used with estrogen only patches, gel or tablets, by women who still have a womb    

COMBINATION TABLETS (estrogen/synthetic progestogen)

Estradiol hemihydrate + norethisterone acetate Elleste Duet Conti 2mg+1mg
  Kliofem 2mg+1mg
  Kliovance 1mg+500mcg
Estradiol hemihydrate + dydrogesterone Femoston Conti 0.5mg+2.5mg / 1mg+5mg
Estradiol valerate + medroxyprogesterone Indivina 1mg+2mg / 2.5mg+5 mg
low dose conjugated oestrogen + medroxyprogesterone Premique 300mcg+1.5mg
Estradiol hemihydrate + norethisterone acetate Novofem 1mg+1mg
Estradiol valerate + medroxyprogesterone acetate Tridestra 2mg+20mg
Estradiol hemihydrate [X,X,X] + norethisterone acetate Trisequens 2mg+1mg
Estradiol hemihydrate + dydrogesterone Femoston (cyclical) 1mg+10mg / 2mg+10mg


Tibolone 2.5mg Livial tablets Tibolone 2.5mg

COMBINATION PATCHES (estrogen/synthetic progestogen)

Estradiol hemihydrate + norethisterone acetate Evorel Conti 3.2mg+11.2mg
Estradiol hemihydrate + levonorgestrel FemSeven ContI 1.5mg+0.525mg
a) Estradiol hemihydrate and b) estradiol hemihydrate + norethisterone acetate Evorel Sequi combination patch a) 3.2mg b) 3.2mg+11.2mg
a) 1.5mg of estradiol hemihydrate b) Estradiol hemihydrate + levonorgestrel FemSeven Sequi combination patch a) 1.5mg b) 1.5mg+1.5mg

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