059 PMS and the Menopause - Dr Hannah Short and Dr Louise Newson

In this episode, Dr Louise Newson is joined by Dr Hannah Short, who is a GP and menopause specialist. She also has a particular interest in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) which is very common yet not well managed.  Many women need individualised advice and treatment which is often a combination of lifestyle changes and taking hormones. 

Hannah openly talks about her own experience of having a surgical menopause when she was younger. She talks to Dr Newson about ways of improving awareness of this condition so women do not have to suffer both physically and mentally as a result of inadequate support and treatment.  

Dr Hannah Short's Three Take Home Tips:

  1. Track your symptoms by using apps or online downloadable trackers. 
  2. Use the internet to find useful resources. Firstly https://iapmd.org/ which is a US based site and http://www.pms.org.uk/ to read the UK guidelines.  
  3. You do not need to solve this alone, look for support. Be kind to yourself. 


Find Hannah on Instagram: @dr.hannah.short


Read this booklet from Dr Newson for more information about PMS and menopause.

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