047 Fermented Foods & Gut Health - Emma Ellice-Flint & Dr Louise Newson

In this podcast, Dr Louise Newson talks to Emma Ellice-Flint, a very knowledgeable nutritionist, all about fermented foods. Emma takes it right back to basics and explains the importance of good gut health and how eating and drinking fermented products can be beneficial for our gut microbes as well as our overall health. Emma and Dr Newson also discuss sauerkraut, kefir and the variety of different ways we can boost our gut microbes - as well as the ways our gut health can worsen due to our diets. 

Emma's Three Take Home Tips for better gut health:

  1. Buy some kefir, try having two tablespoons a day. It's a great place to start!
  2. Bring as much fibre-rich food as you can into your diet - but introduce it slowly.
  3. Don't be put off by how overwhelming it can seem! Simple, small changes can vastly improve your gut health.




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